iPhone Gets Google Goggles

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Google%20Goggles%20Paris iPhone Gets Google Goggles

If you have an Android, you been able to use Google Goggles for some time now. Google Goggles is the image recognition feature that Google came out with several months back and now, iPhone users have the same luxury! Google Goggles delivers the visual product search and recognition features found in SnapTell which is now owned by Amazon, and Kooaba. ANdroid users have to find Google Goggles in the Android Market as it’s own separate app. However, iPhone users also get the luxury of having Google Goggles bundled in with Google Maps. iPhone users, check out the video below to see how Google Goggles can use visual recognition to search for information with your iPhone’s camera. You can translate foreign text,  check out logos, landmarks, book covers, etc. If you update your Google Mobile app, you’ll see a new camera icon in the top bar. The first time you tap it, you’ll have to clear several screenfuls of instructions and accept a new version of the Google mobile usage agreement. You also have the option to save your image capture history to your Google account.

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