Hottest Restaurant Trends Of 2010

bush bean 1 1 Hottest Restaurant Trends Of 2010

Forget valet parking and a wine list the size of the Empire State Building. The hottest restaurant trend of the year, according to a survey of chefs, is decidedly more down to earth.

“Locally grown produce” ranked number one on that list, with more than 88 percent of chefs identifying it as a “Hot Trend.” ¬†And really, you can’t get much more locally grown than plucking lettuce from your restaurant’s own back yard.

But some Big Apple restaurateurs are taking this trend to a whole new level — literally. The Associated Press¬†highlights one of them, John Mooney, whose West Village eatery Bell Book & Candle is scheduled to open this fall. Mooney has outfitted the roof of his restaurant’s building with 60 hydroponic towers, which he says will provide the restaurant with 60 percent of its produce.

So what else is hot, according to the NRA survey? After “locally grown produce,” the following trends rounded out the top five: “locally sourced meat and seafood,” “sustainability,” “bite-sized/mini desserts,” and “locally produced wine and beer.”


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