Batman iPhone Utility Belt

batbeltphone Batman iPhone Utility Belt

First off, you’d probably have to be a pretty big Batman fan to indulge in this accessory, however, it’s pretty interesting either way, fan or not. And Ladies, great gift idea for your men. Pictured above is an actual Batman-style utility belt called the TDK Utility Pouch. It’s an exact replica of the one Batman used in the last Batman movie. But instead of ‘Batman-type compartments’ this one has a spot specifically designed for the iPhone! You can adjust all pouches, but the largest one is perfect for the phone. It all ads up considering the iPhone can do practically everything the Bat-puter can do. The only downfall, the Bat-belt is not cheap, weighing in at $149.00, and even more of a downfall, the’ve only made 750. In addition to buying this for your Bat-loving man, it’s be a GREAT Halloween accessory as well. Just sayin’.


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