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facebook logo Facebook Movie The Social Network

Topping the box office this past weekend was the unofficial Facebook movie, The Social Network. The film brought in over $23 million in sales…

It’s not RECORD breaking, sales wise, but it definitely outperformed the other movies which are currently in the theaters. According to a number of publications, the real Facebook staff saw the movie on Friday.  Most young viewers found Mark Zuckerberg to be somewhat of a hero. While I doubt Zuckerberg left the theater proclaiming “I’m CEO, bitch.” as was truthfully once written on his business cards, the company appears to be less critical of the movie after months of calling out the movie for its numerous inaccuracies, now that they’ve viewed it in it’s entirety.  No matter your thoughts on the movie, it’ll still do well in the box office for weeks to come because people are curious. If anything, more people may join Facebook, not leave it.


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  1. Peter says:

    if you have a facebook. go make a Formsrping account to answer some people’s question.

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