The Social Network (The Facebook Movie)

the social network cast The Social Network (The Facebook Movie)

Okay, who saw the premier on Wednesday and who is anxiously awaiting see The Social Network tonight or this weekend? I AM! However, there’s been some common mix up recently with regards to the actual name of the movie. The film is called “The Social Network,” but everyone just calls it “The Facebook movie.” I guess it’s easier to remember, right? I mean, after all, the movie IS about Facebook. Many people are skeptical to see this film, because, let’s be honest, the history of a company, a tech company, nonetheless, sounds extremely boring, right? Wrong. Give this a chance and you can thank me later…. I promise! This movie will catch you right from the start and you’ll be fascinated and mesmerized the entire time. Jesse Eisenberg portrays Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in a stellar manner. It’s a solid two-hour movie, but a quick, full movie. You won’t even have time to check your own Facebook the whole time to due to utter intrigue. So whether you have 5, 500 or 5,000 friends, go see this movie! Then go to my Facebook page and let’s discuss our thoughts on the movie.

  • Jennifer Porter

    I saw the movie the night that it came out and you are right that movies was kick ass. I think that Jesse Einsberg is a good actor anyway but he exceeded my expectations in this movie. I have been recommending this movie to everyone I meet and know.

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