Singer Mario Arrested

104231726 Singer Mario Arrested

Remember Mario? He sang that song “Just A Friend” and was on Dancing With The Stars a couple seasons back. Well apparently he still lives with his mom and he beats her up.

Singer Mario arrested and charged with 2nd degree assault against his mother. In Mario’s defense, his mom was a former heroin addict but still… your 24 years old, it’s time to move out.

  • Usedtobeafanofhis

    How dare you put your hands on the woman who gave you life? Are you insane… I used to be a fan of yours until last year when you and gucci mane had that song out breakup, wasn`t a favorite of mine that`s why I didn`t buy the cd, terrible HATE IT! You should be ashame of yourself, I don`t care what she used to be on in her past. You need to grow up. Sorry to say this, but……… I have absolutely 0 RESPECT for you now, so if you ever come out with another cd, you can be certain that this former fan will not be wasting her time looking for it, or buying it. I was almost bout ready to get rid of all of your cds that I have. Now, when I hear your songs on the radio I turn it to another sation. I don`t even know why in the world they will be still playing this woman beater music. I haven`t listen to your cds in almost a year. So, if J Recods still have you on their team good luck and good luck if you ever come out with new material. But I am 100% sure that any of your new music in the future will NOT be up in my house! – Usedtobeafanofhis

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