General Motors Introduces Facebook in OnStar

onstar logo General Motors Introduces Facebook in OnStar

This is how you know you’re really addicted to Facebook! If you drive a car produced by General Motors and you happen to have OnStar or have the ability to subscribe to OnStar, you may want to seriously consider, in order to feed your Facebook addiction. Beginning this month, OnStar, the in-car communication service, will be offering subscribers the opportunity to have their text messages and Facebook updates read to them while they are driving. Users would also be able to text or update Facebook using voice commands, which is all especially cool considering Michigan is now a hands-free State and it’s Illegal to text, ready email, check Facebook, or anything of the like, while you’re driving. It’s been rumored that General Motors is planning an advertising campaign to market OnStar and its new services beginning mid-September. I must admit, I’m both excited and resilient about the utility of getting Facebook updates in the car. Excited, because this is another huge leap forward for the world of technology, but hesitant because most Facebook messages are not urgent. On the other hand, getting text messages read aloud could be quite useful and perhaps even improve public safety even more. Our roads are plagued by irresponsible people who seem to think it’s still okay to text while driving, despite the recent law change. Anything that cuts that down must be positive.  The future is looking more and more awesome every day. Oh, and it might not be that expensive either, as other rumors have it that OnStar might make some services completely free due to their competition and what they have to offer.

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