Dave Days Wears Demi Moore’s Bikini

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dave days demi moore Dave Days Wears Demi Moores Bikini

Demi Moore recently tweeted some photos of herself in a bikini, and now she has enlisted 19-year-old YouTube celebrity Dave Days to help make fun of her for it. “So Demi Moore asked me to do a parody… of herself. In her bikini. Yeah. Don’t ask,” Dave tweeted on Saturday with the picture above. Demi retweeted the photos, writing, “I think U wore it better!” Later, Dave tweeted, “Ashton wasn’t so happy…” (see photo below) Dave was wearing the bikini as part of a music video. Very interesting…. if Ashton wasn’t in one of those pictures… I would’ve thought, well, never mind. WHat are your thoughts?

dave days demi moore 1 Dave Days Wears Demi Moores Bikini

ashton Dave Days Wears Demi Moores Bikini

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