White House Correspondent Tweets During Heart Attack

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 White House Correspondent Tweets During Heart Attack
Earlier this week, a correspondent working at the White House in Washington D.C. composed a very alarming, yet very important tweet. He continued posting updated tweets as medics treated him for a heart attack!! Tommy Christopher, a journalist, posted the first message on Twitter, “I gotta be me. Livetweeting my heart attack. Beat that!” he wrote. He then followed with “Paramedics think I will live. Gonna get a cardiac cat. Jeez, I’m old. This is depressing,” referencing a viral video in which a cat gives a cardiac massage to another cat that has been hit by a car. Christopher continued tweeting regarding his condition for approximately another hour. He then tweeted, “This is not like the movies. Most deadpan heart attack evar,” he wrote. “Still hurts even after the morphine.” Can you believe this guy? He finalized his string of Tweets with “Ok, taking a break now.” At that point, his condition was unknown. Would you, could you, tweet during a heart attack, let alone something else?

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