Will She Go To JAIL?

18742554 640x360 Will She Go To JAIL?

Have you ever posted something on Facebook that got you in trouble? I’m not talking about being in trouble from your parents, your boyfriend, or your teacher, I’m talking about in trouble with the law! Well this juror got in big trouble from posting something on Facebook! She could soon face contempt charges for a Facebook posting she made about a case before the verdict was decided!! Not smart. Hadley Jons of Warren, MI, a 20-year-old girl found herself in trouble with the law because of what authorities said she posted on Facebook. Before the trial was over, authorities said she posted a message regarding the case of a 40-year-old Clinton Township resident accused of a felony for resisting arrest. He Facebook post quoted: “Actually excited for jury duty tomorrow. It’s gonna be fun to tell the defendant they’re guilty.” If Hadley Jons is found guilty of contempt in court, she could be sent to jail or pay a hefty fine. She was then removed as a juror from the case and was replaced. The verdict stands and she’ll resume her own court case tomorrow. Do you think she should go to jail?


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