Quitting your job? Dos and Donts

quit Quitting your job? Dos and Donts

We all have those moments of rage where we’d like to unleash the anger from within, go on a tirade, grab a beer and take a ride on the evacuation slide at work. However, as former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater’s resignation (and subsequent arrest) recently taught us, that’s no way to quit your job. There are few career moves that are more stressful than to hand in a letter of resignation. We get close, for better or worse, with the people we work with, and it can be quite an adjustment to leave them behind as we blaze a new trail in our career path. There is no shortage of reasons to quit a job. Fortunately, though, there is a universal list of ‘rules’ to adhere to when you do resign and move on to bigger and better endeavors. Keep these precious hints in mind if ever you feel like running out on the job. Oh, and good luck!

#1: DO make sure you have a legitimate reason to quit.

#2: DO learn the lesson from JetBlue: Don’t resign on impulse

#3: DON’T storm out on the job.

#4: DO Help your company make your departure go smoothly

#5: DON’T incapacitate the company or department in any way

#6: DO take anything of personal importance

#7: DO Zip it up (in other words, keep your mouth shut about your former employer once you quit.)


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