From Band Geek to Pop Princess

kesha From Band Geek to Pop Princess

Kesha Sebert, better known as Ke$ha, was in New York in May when she received a call from her mother telling her the basement of her childhood home in Nashville was flooded. To her, this wasn’t a surprise, since the basement of the house periodically filled with water while she was in high school. But she didn’t think much of it until she later flew over her hometown and she saw the extent of what had really happened. “I was looking out the airplane window… there were all these massive lakes, and rooftops in the middle. I got off the airplane and there was this ominous feeling in the air,” she said. So rather than heading home after a long day of traveling, she convinced her mom to go buy 1,000 pounds of dog food from the local grocery store to donate to a local animal shelter. It’s a far cry from the in-your-face, foul-mouthed wild child the media has portrayed the chart-topping songwriter to be. She says, “It’s really weird. The American media really has no idea what to do with me. I’m fun and I go out. I make out with hot dudes, but I also have a massive place in my heart for people. I think you can be both.” Ke$ha is a hard worker, yet a total band geek. In the same breath where she says she loves to throw dance parties, she admits she didn’t have a lot of friends in high school. She was a member of the International Baccalaureate program in high school and was on the fast track to go to Barnard College to study comparative religion and psychology. She claimed a love for community service and math. She was once a proud member of her high school marching band. She played trumpet, saxophone and of course, guitar. Ke$ha quotes, “I’m a lot of things that wouldn’t seem to go together.” So from band geek to hot pop-star.


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