Men In Skinny Jeans

maison Men In Skinny Jeans

Have you heard comments like these??? “Girrrrrl, his pants are tighter than mine!”  “Why are dudes dressing like females?”  “Only men who are celebrities can wear skinny jeans and people will say that stuff looks cute” If you haven’t heard those thoughts, I know I’ve had them…so whats with this new pop culture style anyway???

Trends in fashion typically are a reflection of what is going on in the world at that moment in time, and one must wonder what is happening in our world that is provoking designers to promote, and consumers to consume, fashion that is neither specifically male or female.

For years, entertainment culture has tried to include everyone, straight, gay, or in-between. But in recent years, with the rise of metrosexuality, heterosexual men are seeing their masculinity compromised.

  • Skyelar Mass

    No offense to men but they just don’t look right in skinnies, I’m used to girls in skinny jeans like me! Lol!

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