Real Life Donkey Kong

100908 gorillaandtheds1 grid 6x2 Real Life Donkey Kong

Rumor has it that Nintendo appears to have found a new spokesman for their game machines, more specifically, the DSi XL. At the San Francisco Zoo Friday a gorilla named Bawang, not Donkey Kong, was seen playing Nintendo’s latest handheld gaming gadget. A boy dropped his game machine into the gorilla enclosure and the gorilla was soon to snatch up the device. The gorilla was said to have been very interested in trying to figure it out and the ape flipped it over and put it up to her eyes several times. It wasn’t long before a young gorilla named Hansai made a grab for the machine. But Bawang is Hansai’s adoptive mother and she had no intention of letting the little one play video games at his young age. She kept the machine well out of her child’s reach.

After a few minutes, one of the zoo’s trainers showed up in the gathering crowd above the ape enclosure. Bawang ran over toward the trainer and threw the DS into the crowd. The trainer quickly threw Bawang an apple in return. Apparently they are trained to give something back if it’s dropped into their surroundings. Have you ever had something stolen by an animal, let alone a real life Donkey Kong?

100908 gorillaandtheds2 grid 6x2 Real Life Donkey Kong


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