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$1,000…$1,000…$1,000…I know we could all use it, but Shay Shay is letting you know how to GET IT!!! A new Apple iPad…Apple iPad…Apple iPad…if you’ve been wanting one, Shay Shay is letting you know how to GET IT for FREE!!!! Click More to find out EXACTLY how…

It’s very simple and it only takes 2 minutes! Listen to the instructions below…don’t forget to type in Shay Shay in the referral box when you sign up!


  • Kendall

    I love 98.7 amp radio!!!

  • Angelia

    Shay shay reffered me to amp nation and the give aways , i love amp radio btw it was all good music from taio cruz to katy perry and much more. Plus their is commercial free mondays they rock i dont like access talking from other stations lol .

  • Jessica Begin

    I am CANADIAN and I looovee your show.. once you go amp you never go back!!! I need some $$$ send it myyy way!!

  • Colton

    I listen to amp radio everyday all day. When i went camping i needed to brIing the radio. I LOVE AMP RADIO!!! Shay shay referred me for the amp nation and the prize give aways.

  • charlene kirby

    i listen to Shay Shay everyday she shines my day :))

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