Snuggie Contest Exclusive

pink snuggie 300x3001 Snuggie Contest Exclusive

The infomercial for the marginally-useful blanket with sleeves known as the Snuggie has got to be one of the most ridiculed pieces of television ever produced – for a while there, everywhere you look or turn, there was a joke or parody on the Snuggie. There have even been organized Snuggie Pub crawls. But the Snuggie is also the only infomercial product that we’ve known ordinary people to actually purchase. And now, the makers of Snuggie are soliciting videos in an attempt to capitalize on the running joke. The Snuggie has been joked about on Ellen, 30 Rock and of course YouTube. Most of the most-popular Snuggie parodies are pretty funny, but this one tops it all: “We’ve all heard of the ‘Snuggie,’ but now there is a new product called ‘Blanket!’ It’s a ‘Snuggie’ without holes!” The company which makes Snuggie, Allstar Products Group, apparently thinks all this buzz is a good thing. The company grabbed some of the less-insulting parodies and posted them on the Snuggie Fan Club website, and it has announced the Snuggie Choice Film Awards – a request for “commercial, short film, documentary or parody” videos. The winner will receive $5,000, a trip to New York City and maybe even the opportunity to produce or appear in a real Snuggie-brand commercial for 2011. The Snuggie has a Facebook page and Twitter account and the Snuggie Fan Club site lets you create and share an image of a friend wrapped up on a Snuggie.


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