Would you want an iPad or $1000?

ampnation Would you want an iPad or $1000?

Do you want that new iPad or how about $1000.00 Buck Head shows you easy fun ways to WIN with AMP NATION! (click more)

Do you like listening to 98.7 Amp Radio? Do you like playing Trivia or Casino Games?  These are just a few of the ways you could Win a brand new apple iPad or even $1000.00Buck Head shows you below the simple way to join AMP NATION:

CLICK HERE to Sign Up for AMP NATION and Win Awesome Prizes! *** be sure to Refer: BuckHead  ***

referred Would you want an iPad or $1000?

GOOD LUCK and Let me know what you WIN!

  • katie

    $1,000. you could drop the ipad and it would break!

  • Kaydi

    $1000. Can buy whatever I want then :)

  • Nolan Ryan

    I would rather the $1000, why not? iPads are only around $700!

  • Helen

    Take the grand, buy an iPad and have money left over. :) done.

  • Sydney P

    Well duh. I would rather have 10000 dollars because ipads are like fivehundreed dollars. And I would still have fivehundred dollars left if I bought a ipad.

  • emily

    $1,000, i could go buy the ipad and then still have money.

  • Jamie

    Man I could use an iPad… And definitely to play 98.7!

  • dyann

    The ipad is cool but i would want the $1000 !!!!

  • rahul modi

    I would definitely go for the iPad. Its not everyday where you see someone with and iPad.

  • jocelyn

    hey buckhead :] uhm i was wondering, ive been listening to 98.7 everyday, literlly lol and i come to this website like every day i enetrd many contests but dont win anything, not tryna be greedy but do we really win things??

    • 98.7 AMP Radio

      For sure, Jocelyn! Thanks for trying so hard to win!

      • jocelyn

        Yup, (: and no thank yu!

  • musa

    please give me a free ipod i’m poor i swore i dont have a money to buy it.
    please please.

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