Dance Or Flight? Which Is Funnier?

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Not too long ago was the Twin Cities Flugtag in St. Paul, Minnesota. If you aren’t familiar, Flugtag is an event that tests out the skyworthiness of home-built flying contraptions. For the most part, there’s more of an emphasis on art and comedy than on effective engineering. Teams design their flying machines (and costumed skits) around a theme, they perform for the audience, and then push their craft off an elevated runway and (usually) directly into a major body of water below. It’s entertaining, for those of you have never been. There was this one aircraft in particular found by way of YouTube that looked like an anorexic WW2 bomber on stilts. It wasn’t the most elaborate (and hilarious) craft. It had an airfoil and controllable flaps. The pilot and her band of drag queens definitely took care of the entertainment portion—at the controls. Let me know what you think.


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