A video game legend?

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snookijuly1e  opt A video game legend?

This little fireball may not be able to shoot or throw her own fireballs, but she’ll soon be able to do so. Move over Mario and Luigi! Snooki is being primped and primed to be the next video game legend. Just when you thought the erratic fist pumping was slowly calming down after hearing the announcement of the Jersey Shore’s third season, another announcement comes up about an online Jersey Shore game as well as a Snooki-based iPhone app. The new game will be released on Facebook, where users will face off against each other with animated versions of the beloved Jersey Shore characters. Be afraid, Mafia Wars. Be very afraid. The iphone app, called “Spread Snooki,” will allow users to superimpose images of Snook on their own images. Awesome! Enough already! It’s hard to fist pump and type at the same time!

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