Models: Old & Hairy

102741435 e  opt Models: Old & Hairy

WTF!? Designer Patrick Mohr really took his models makeup and hair, or lack there of, to an extreme at his show during Berlin Fashion Week. Female models were made up to look like bald old men with creepy facial hair. I’d LOVE to know what he was thinking! That’s just gross and weird! I mean, talk about a new meaning of the word MODEL. I also wonder what the models were thinking…

102742334 e  opt Models: Old & Hairy

102742499 e  opt1 Models: Old & Hairy

  • Rockin Designs

    someone had to do it… it is original, everyone in this world is so scared to be different. who cares what anyone else thinks….

  • Chuck

    I agree with Rockin, we are so standardnize and afraid what peps will say about something new, well peps it is time to be new and original and stop following the trend, always be a leader and not a follower !!! Peace from Detroiter/Alabamian

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