Apple Lovers Unite!


Meet Fanboy. Fanboy, see Fangirl Run. Fangirl Likes Fanboy. The End. Okay, what the heck is a Fanboy or Fangirl you ask? Well, it’s sort of a derogatory term for someone who is so overly obsessed with Apple that they would do anything to back their products in the most positive way possible. Two months ago, a site was unveiled to the world called

CupidTino. Get it? Love in Cupertino? (Apple’s headquarter’s is in Cupertino, CA) Yes, a dating site for Apple fans. At the time, it seemed like a bit of a joke, but the creators were taking it seriously. Apparently, now, so are the users. In the two months it’s been launched, it’s gained over 22,000 users! That’s right, one place for all you Apple lovers to fall in love with each other! Cupidtino is reportedly bringing in some money. While they’re still playing around with the pricing plan, currently, they’re charging $4.79 a month if users want to exchange messages (signing up is free). As they note on the site, “Our membership costs the same as a venti Mocha but lasts longer than 20 oz.” Ha! Funny. 62% of the site’s users are located in the US. Poor little Android fanboys… now run home to mommy.


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