Early bird gets the worm?

earlybird1 Early bird gets the worm?

We all know the early bird gets the worm, or we’ve all at least heard the saying, right? Yes. What about with technology? Oh it’s possible! And just when you thought you were getting used to Twitter and how to Tweet and follow other fellow Twittizens, it get’s better and more complicated all at the same time. Twitter just went live with an account called 

@EarlyBird. EarlyBird is Twitter’s way of beginning to offer user exclusive, time-sensitive deals, events and sneak peaks for it’s partnering advertisers. We don’t quite know yet who those advertisers are, but they will distribute offers through the @EarlyBird account in which they’ll also determine the terms of each offer, the availability, the duration of time and the pricing. Sort of like a boutique. And YOU get to opt in! Score! All you have to do is start following @EarlyBird on Twitter to get started. People will re-tweet these offers, but keep in mind everything is very time-sensitive. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called EarlyBird; DUH! AT first it’s open to only Advertiser’s operating in the United States. Sorry Canadians, I’m sure they’ll head your way rather quickly! Oh, and by the way, Twitter has raised an astonishing $160 million in funding to date. That makes the company worth up to $1 billion! Are you kidding me?! Why didn’t I invent Twitter?  Do you think it’s worth that much?


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