Bite me! Insulting or Endearing?

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“Bite me!” Used to be a phrase we’d yell at each other back in middle school as an insult. Well, today, it’s more of an endearing gesture. Kids are coming home from school only to be found by their parents with bite marks, or hickeys, on them. This new craze is a result of

the Twilight’s Saga’s effect on it’s young audience. Ever since Robert Pattinson and other Vampires started steaming up the movie screens, students have been biting each other in visible places such as cheeks, hands, arms, necks, etc., to show a sign that you’re wanted, adored, or “cool.” The more bites you have, the more popular you are. Wow. Parents and school faculty are not thrilled with this new craze. Uh, ya think?!

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