Pointless Conversation Between Big Boy & Sam

Sam & Big Boy

This is what a typical text message conversation with us looks like…

Big Boy: Yoooo
Sam: What’s up
BB: Are you at home?

S: Yea why
BB: I’m in your bed right now
S: Nope… No ur not lol
BB: Don’t you have Power Ranger sheets?
S: Lol r u ok?
BB: No but I left whoevers house that was, I figured out what I did wrong, be there soon
BB: Sing bohemian rhapsody then come let me in
S: So like 5 min
BB: Just sing the first 20 seconds of it actually
BB: Or count to 20, either way I guess…
S: K
BB: Just count to 5
BB: Wait I’m here
BB: Just let me in
BB: Nevermind its unlocked

S: Why don’t you just call me next time?

  • karleedane

    hahaha thats so hilarious.

  • Chrystal

    nicee!! power ranger sheets- classic!!

    • Autumn and Feko-nater ;)

      Feko has power ranger sheets…;)

  • Polly Anna

    I’m pretty sure Sam was in my psychology class.

  • Katelyn.Kurt

    Lmfaoooooo xP Niioce there Big boy ;P

  • kayley

    wow…… lol this is hilarious

  • kortney

    that wass soooo funny

  • emily


  • paulina

    hahah so funny ; D

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