Thinking Of Selling Your Old iPhone?

iphone Thinking Of Selling Your Old iPhone?

When the iPhone 4 becomes available (TODAY!), many folks will find themselves with two iPhones: an old one they need to get rid of, and a bright new shiny iPhone 4. If you’re not donating you’re old one to a friend or family member, you’ll want to check out this list of useful tips explaining how (read more)to sell your old iPhone efficiently, effectively, and in basically, the best and easiest way possible:

1) Pick a retailer: Ebay, Craigslist, NextWorth and SellYourMac to name a few.

2) Prep your iPhone: No matter the retailer, you must prep properly. First, sync your iPhone with iTunes and backup everything! Then restore your phone to it’s original factory settings. Also, be sure to wipe your screen clean. The iPhone 4 uses a MicroSIM while previous models do not. Once your new iPhone is activated, the old SIM will be de-activated. You can safely remove and discard it without worrying about any personal information.

3) Packaging: You’ll want your package to be shipped, and arrive to it’s new owner, safe and sound. Try and keep the original packing. If not, the US Post Office sells a great variety of inexpensive materials. If that’s not enough, visit a UPS Store. They have a spray-in material that will conform to the shape of your item. It’s pricey though, so figure that into your shipping costs.

4) Avoid scams: Oh yes! They’re out there! Be diligent! Use a secure payment method such as credit card, or even better, PayPal. Also, avoid “free iPhone” or “you just won an iPhone” emails.

That about sums it up! Good luck! Happy Shopping!


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