New Guinness World Record

Have you ever wanted to set a Guinness World Record? I have! But I can never think of something good enough to win the record for! What would you do? This guy didn’t really have to think hard to find what came so naturally to him in order for him to win a Guinness World Record. He won his award for…

singing the lowest note ever sung! CRAZY! The lowest singer in Southern Illinois officially became the lowest singer in the world on Monday, receiving a certificate from the Guinness World Records for the ‘lowest note produced by a human voice.’ I mean, you HAVE to listen. This is unreal! His name is Roger Menees of Anna, IL. Never in his life did he think he could win a world record just for the way his voice is naturally! He produced the lowest note at 0.393 hertz, a very low F-sharp, during a recording session on February 11 at Hampton Inn in Carbondale. Having received a vague confirmation e-mail message a few weeks ago, Menees already knew of his accomplishment, but wasn’t aware of the actual record until receiving a certificate on Monday. Watch out Deep Voice Guy!


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