2 in 1: Backstreet Boys and NKOTB!

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backstreet boys1 2 in 1: Backstreet Boys and NKOTB!

new kids on the block concert tickets21 2 in 1: Backstreet Boys and NKOTB!

Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block are teaming up?! EPIC! Check out this amazing video of …

the New Kids on the Block performing at Radio City Music Hall this past weekend. And guess who joined them? Backstreet boys! Together, they performed I Want It That Way! It’s so funny and interesting to see the two completely different generations of fangirls just losing it! I mean, they must be in Heaven, right? Are you a fangirl who would’ve gone crazy over something like that? OMG! What if they added Justin Bieber to the mix? You’d die, right? Tell me about it…

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