Palin-Gate (Real Or Real Fake?)

480palingate Palin Gate (Real Or Real Fake?)

Ahhhh the question of the week.  Do you care where S. Palin stands with off shore drilling?  Or if she just got two new best her shirt? ..
Media has been suggesting all week that Sarah Palin has gained the support of plastic surgens all over the country with her two new friends. Listen below as she is questioned on whether or not she has had breast augmentations:

  • Britney H.

    haha. goodness, i swear if i see one more magazine cover, or stupid comment from this woman, i am going to start highly disliking her with a fiery passion, instead of just ignoring her. i saw the Newsweek laying around my house with her and they (the magazine cover design gurus for that week) had her comically presented as Saint Sarah and i nearly bust a gut. I’m just getting tired of hearing about her. She has an opinion on everything and shares it with everyone! twitter, whatever, honestly, i thought it was cool John McCain picked a woman to be his running mate/VP but not anymore. The publicity inflated her ego. Oh wait, it was already the size of ALASKA, our largest state in the union (and she can see Russia from her back porch or door or whatever…) :-)

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