Is Facebook changing something AGAIN?!

facebook logo Is Facebook changing something AGAIN?!

Is it true? Is Facebook making yet another change to their social site? Yes! So, does this mean more groups being created about people hating the new Facebook and boycotting certain things? Let’s hope not! Hopefully this is a change for the better this time around. Facebook has confirmed that they are … testing different variations and designs of their social site. They’re always changing products and features in order to better the performance of Facebook and to make it more user friendly. This time, in particular, Facebook is making changes to their status bar interface when you’re on their “home view.” The status update will be hidden (see screen shot below) and you’ll have to click on an icon to open it so you can update your status. Right now, they’re just working on icons for “status” and “photos” but will expand to also include “videos” and “links.” The change in the status bar seems to be only in “home view,” not your own “profile view.” Also, once an update is published, it shows up under the icon bar as “Last Update.” Apparently these updates have only been noticed by users in the United Kingdom and have not yet been seen by users in here in the United States. If you’ve seen these changes and/or updates, please comment below and let me know what you think! I’m curious people! C’mon!!

screen shot 2010 06 11 at 21 24 01 Is Facebook changing something AGAIN?!


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