Trying a New Diet

I heard Jennifer Aniston is trying this, and since I have the same body-type as her, i figured I would try it.

feeding babies01 300x300 Trying a New Diet

Yeahhh! It’s the baby-food diet! I love mushed up bananas so I figured it would be perfect for me.

All you have to do is only eat baby food, it’s so simple anyone can do it without having to plan out a whole new diet.

So I’m throwing down about 350 jars of the stuff a day and I feel great. I haven’t lost any weight yet, but I have been mixing bacon in with the baby food so that could be why. The food isn’t as bad as you would think though! Except for the meatball and lasagna baby-food, I don;t know how I feel about that.

I’m loving my banana baby-food with bacon though!

  • Cassey

    kind of gross but as long as you can stomach it

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