Who should Replace SIMON?

 Who should Replace SIMON?Ok so lets move on with the fact that Simon is gone.  Lets put our heads together and try our best to come up with some possible replacments if Idol even returns next year… Here are some of my Ideas:

1 Bring Paula back

2) Seacrest takes the seat

3) REALLY mix it up and put Bieber in

4) Mariah

5) Madona

6) Stern

What do you think?  Comment below?

  • Tracy Foust

    Cher. Or Ozzy. Totally joking here.

  • johan

    I would like to see bieber

  • David Lalone

    Howard Stern… I seriously think he would be fantastic, he would NOT sugar coat a thing!

  • Rachelle

    I think they should mix it up and put Justin Bieber in!!!

  • madison

    i think that you should put JUSTIN BIEBER in, because i’m an 11 year old girl who is IN LOVE with JUSTIN BIEBER. I would LOVE to see him in august at the Palace of Aburn Hills!!!!!!!!!!


  • http://facebook SAMMIE

    Hey justin i really luv u but i dont want u to go to american idol because me and all your fans want u to keep singing….. And plus cant wait to see u at the palace aug 15 luv u jb

  • Mario Martinez

    it doesnt matter who replaces simon cuz its not gonna b american idol anymore..without simon or paula its just not the same lol..but i think they should have maddona

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