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  1. Ben says:

    does anybody like Kwame? are we supposed to now that he’s ‘giving money back’? No. He stole it and broke laws, now he’s going to jail. That’s how the laws work. Raise your hand if you’re surprised that he got convicted like a regular person. Now put your hand down if you feel that because he’s Kwame he should get less time than any other person who committed these crimes. Anyone with their hands still up should be deported to any Communist country that also supports protecting the famous.

  2. Bri says:

    Kwame is a pos. im glad hes going to jail and if u ask me he should have to do the whole 5 years, hes a retard who thought he could steal from people and get away with it, then when hes told to make things right he hides his money instead of giving back to the people of detroit. HEY UR SCREWING OVER YOUR OWN PEOPLE!!!!! and stealing from people who are having a really hard time just making it through each day. ROT IN JAIL!

  3. Tyler says:

    BREAKING NEWS : ON FORMER DETROIT MAYOR KWAME KILPATRICK! Click on the link posted with this status to watch the Video Then comment on this status with your opinion on the Kwame Case or email us at : . Crazyness!

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