Is Miley the New Britney?

google reader 549 Is Miley the New Britney?

Stomach Bearing Miley Cyrus is starting to look all to familiar to the droves of Brit Brit fans…
What do you think? Is Miley the new Britney Spears? Just look at the new covers above and then get over to my Facebook page and lets discuss:
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  • Kimberly

    Miley is a bitch and a slut i hate her. Like her new music video. OMG. And also my cousin won a trip off radio disney to go meet the cast of hannah montana and Miley said, “Hi.” and thats it after she just ran of to her boyfriend from the last song.

  • personman

    Nah, Britney was cooler. >W>;; /shot

  • Danielle

    Miley could be better if she doesnt f*ck it up by marrying a trashy back up dancer…I think she could ahve a great career head of her, if she stays focused… I like them both as singers. But i think Miley has a better chance at going farther then Britney

  • Mickkie

    I definately think Miley Cyrus is headed in the right direction compared to a year ago. If she listens to her peers then she’ll end up in the right place:) iluvuMileyy

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