Another Tool Bites The Dust

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adrian grenier

Entourage‘s Adrian Grenier knows how to pick up women. Ladies, this type of behavior is unforgivable! According to NY Daily News, Grenier, along with a posse of really cool guys, strolled into N.Y.C hotspot Amnesia last week and immediatly approached a group of girls….

“They put their arms around each of the women and suavely said: ‘Hey baby, this is what it’s like to be famous,’ says a partygoer. “Then they laughed in the girls’ faces and walked off.”

YUCK! What the hell is wrong with people? Why Adrian? You used to be so hott to me, now you’re just a bag-of-douche. I can’t even begin to explain what I would do if some ass-clown said that to me. Let’s just say he would be in a hunched over position, not being able to walk away, possibly vomiting.

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