Oprah and John Tesh Love Connection

john tesh oprah Oprah and John Tesh Love Connection

Talk about odd couples…John Tesh and Oprah Winfrey???  Kitty Kelly’s new tell all book about Oprah Winfrey was released Tuesday and one of the things her book reveals is a fling between Oprah and John Tesh!  Tesh confirms that him and Oprah did date and live together for a short period in the 70’s.  The book claims that Tesh abruptly ended the relationship because Oprah was black and couldn’t handle being in an interracial relationship.  John Tesh did admit to his former employer, “Entertainment Tonight”, that about 40 yrs ago when they were both reporters in Nashville they did date but he doesn’t admit to any truth of the break up.  Can we say ODD COUPLE!!!!


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