Akon disses Christina Aguilera

akon Akon disses Christina Aguilera

Appearently the only picture of Akon we have on file is this one of him playing soccer.

Akon take a shot at Christina for copying Gaga here.  Is he right?

  • Rachael Parker

    Akon is sooooooooo wrong!! He’s just defending gaga because he has high interest in her!! It’s soo obvious….he made himself look bad just like kanye. They’re both good, but everyone knows (except haters) that chris is the better artist. The only thing that’s good about this is that it makes chris look even better…and her comeback will be 10 times stronger this year thanks to him!!!

  • Chrystal

    How can Akon complain about Christina copying Gaga when Gaga’s whole look is copied off Roison Murphy, Madonna, Grace Jones & many others. Christina has always changed up her look since 2002 with every album. She stated back in ’06 that she wanted to do a dance record. Now, she’s doing it.

  • Frank David

    Akon how dare you diss Christina Aguilera she has sold over 43 million albums worldwide here back too basics tour in 2007 ranked in 90 million dollars you should not be talking who’s too know if Lady Gaga is going too be around for the long haul and by the way where’s your one hit wonder Colby O and your last album flop so don’t talk.

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