Dr. Conrad Murray Says That Michael Jackson Killed Himself

dr. conrad murray

This guy is really reaching. Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense team is arguing that it was [lastfm]Michael Jackson[/lastfm], himself, who injected the excess amount of Propofol, therefore, causing his own death. Murray gave a timeline leading up to his death saying that he stayed in the bedroom where Michael was sleeping and left for only 2 minutes to use the bathroom. It was during those 2 minutes that Michael woke up, got upset that the propofol was not working, and self injected the rest of the bottle of Propofol through his IV. That amount of Propofol caused the overdose, stopping Michael’s heart.  In an earlier trial, we found out that Murray hid the propofol bottle. If it was Michael’s fault, then why would you feel the need to hide it? Plus, am I the only one who finds it creepy that Michael’s Doctor stayed in his room and watched him sleep? I woke up to a boyfriend doing that to me once……he is now an ex.


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