Take 10.. Only 10!

bathroom stall

Could you go #1 or 2 in a 10 minute time limit? No, it’s not the concept behind a new NBC game show. It could be the policy coming to your job!

Dozens of civil servants, who work for the Government Office for the West Midlands (GOWM), have literally been caught with their pants down in the dark because the cost-cutting sensor switches the lights off after ten minutes. A hidden sensor switches off the toilet light after 10 minutes, forcing people to finish what they are doing and leave – in the dark.

As you can imagine, workers are ticked: “This is both humiliating and degrading,” said one GOWM employee. Another one added, ”Can you imagine the indignity of being in a cubicle, letting nature take its course, when suddenly the lights go out, and you have to fumble in the dark to make yourself decent, before struggling to make your way out towards the main door to the toilets where the switch is? All the while you are praying someone doesn’t enter the toilets and see you struggling in the dark with your trousers round your ankles.

Similar changes are expected to be rolled out around the country, in hopes of saving $16.5 billion a year.

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  • Mike

    When in the Army, at Officer Candidate School, we had to be able to $h!t, shave and shower all within five minutes. And we were able to do it.

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