Too Precious for Vogue?

precious e1269617605774 Too Precious for Vogue?

Will they let Gabby into the pages of the hottest fashion magazine? Should her weight keep her out? Hear what the toothpick models are saying.

Even with all of the fame and Oscar buzz “Precious” got this past year, that’s still not enough to land star Gabourey Sidibe on the pages of Vogue magazine. According to sources, Gabby’s weight is what’s keeping her out of popular fashion mag, where as you know, being rail-thin is a necessity. Here’s what some fashion freaks are saying:

[pullquote quote=”She’s a joke in the fashion community. What she wore on the red carpet at the Academy Awards wasn’t a dress, it was a tent.” Another one said, “Vogue is venue where designers debut their best new pieces. All are of which are one of a kind and sample size. It would be impossible to get a regular-sized girl in those clothes, let alone Gabby.”]

  • Buck Head Show

    I want to make out with her :)~

  • John

    thats not nice. 35% of the people that voted said she needs to get a clue. i bet those people that voted for “get a clue” are skinny. and they need to get a life. they dont know what its like to be like that. those people shouldnt even say anything if they dont have anything nice to say.

  • Abbey

    Thats discrimination! C’mon people, its freakin 2010! Just because someone is overweight doesnt mean that other people have the right to discrimate against them. Thats like saying you dont socialize with Asian people “just because’. And I agree with John. The 35% probably is skinny. Im skinny, but I dont discriminate against overweight people. I dont discriminate against anyone. I think that African Americans are becoming more and more powerful in our society these days. Maybe the editor of Vogue just needs to grow up and take a reality check. I say Gabourey should be in the pages of Vogue. And I know I’ll buy the magazine:)

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