987AmpRadio.com 2.0!!!

AMP 2.0 Flying Dude

Ahhhhhhh it has finally arrived!  Welcome to the new 987AmpRadio.com !  This new web site is going to be bigger, better, faster and just damn pretty!  Continue on to check out what’s new!

Make sure you look through all the cool new features including our newest section AMP TV!  AMP TV is going to give you inside Amp action all day every day so be sure to check it every chance you get.   AMPBACK 3 987AmpRadio.com 2.0!!!(If you were to watch now you could see an episode where I show you how to do the “Bieber Hair Flip”) Did you get to experience the very first AMP LIVE with [lastfm]Boys Like Girls[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Kris Allen[/lastfm]?  If you missed Amp Live 1.0 you can get video highlights on that with AMP TV as well!  While you’re online be sure that you are linked up with Buck Head Show socially! FB: www.Facebook.com/AddBuckHead & TW: www.Twitter.com/BuckHeadShow.   PS If you want [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] TIX here are your times to win: 7a, 12p, 4p, 8p !  Good luck! Thanks for checkin us out online at 987AmpRadio.com 2.0 !

  • Francesca

    my 12 year oold girl how never seen Justin Beiber and i want to know if you guys can send me tick its to his consert?

  • chuck kenney

    where do i pick up tickets that i won on your station

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