Justin Bieber?

untitled Justin Bieber?You must be reading this and looking at the picture wondering “why in the world is this article titled [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm]. Well, click the button that says more and I will tell you why this pic is linked to little Bieber…

I was just  sitting around… well I’m pretty much always sitting around unless I need to get up to grab the remote but even then I just leave it on the channel that’s currently on so I don’t have to get up. Anyways we came up with the idea that Bieber will look semi-similar to this guy when he turns 40… I mean the money is rollin’ in… girls are trouble… This could be Little Bieber.

(That picture is not really Justin Bieber)

  • torie

    wow! he will never ever ever ever in his life look like that! everything you guys do revolves around justin, ususally its good but this i really hate and disagree!that guys forehead is huge! justins cant grow 38742 inches in 24 years! i want justin bieber concert tickets to. just sayin..

  • Alana

    Thats horrible! HE WILL NEVER EVER LOOL EVEN SIMILAR TO THAT! U guys have been doing a lot of hating to him recently:( Maybe i’ll just switch back over to 955.

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